(MUST) Get Instant Alerts of Every New Update on HackTricks

Hello, Guys You Will Be Happy To Know That We Have Started WhatsApp Alerts For All Of You. You Will Get Instant Alerts Of Every Loot Tricks and Offers Update on HackTricks. So Please Follow These Below Steps to Subscribe Now.

Please Save Our WhatsApp Service Number – +917787838227 to receive loot alerts.

How To Subscribe To Our WhatsApp Alerts

  • First, Save Our Number In Your Mobile Contact As “HackTricks
  • Click Here To Save Our WhatsApp Contact Directly
  • Our Number:- +917787838227
  • Then Send “SUB YOURNAME” To Us On WhatsApp
  • Example:-SUB PRADEEP
  • Then I Will Add You To Our WhatsApp Alerts Broadcasting As Soon As Possible
  • You Will Get Instant Alerts Of Every Loot Offers and Tricks

Things Should Be In Mind

  • If You Delete Our Contact, You Will Not Receive Our Alerts On WhatsApp (It Is WhatsApp’s Rule)
  • Your Mobile Number’s Privacy Is 100% Safe
  • We Can Not Send Every Offer On WhatsApp, So You Need To Visit HackTricks.net For More Offers and Tricks

Thanks For Giving Your Time.


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