GB Instagram v5.9 Latest Version APK Download (2023 Update)


Hello all. Here we bring another MOD app for running Dual Instagram on any Android device. It is the new GB Instagram by Atnfas Hoak. Go and download the latest version apk of GBInstagram 5.9 now to enjoy all the exciting features.

GB Instagram apk

GB Instagram APK Download for Android

Previously, we have introduced YoWhatsApp and GB WhatsApp for Android. These help in running two WhatsApp at once on your smartphone. Now, there is a similar app for enjoying two Instagram accounts at once. The app name is GB Instagram. The GBInsta APK comes with a bunch of exciting features. So, check its apk download link below and get it for free now.

   Download Now (GB Instagram)

Changes in GB Instagram 5.9 Latest Version

  • Latest: Most stable update for 2023 is available.
  • New base update to latest Instagram
  • IGTV is now available for use.
  • New: Make Video Calls with GB Insta.
  • Add Voice notes and Tags in Story.
  • Make any chat as favorite.
  • You can request Profile verification blue badge.
  • Fixed Themes and Bubble color problems.
  • Also fixed crash when clicking on Download or Preview.
  • Now download videos and pictures from the Stories
  • Share or copy option for image and video links
  • Copy bio description from Insta profiles
  • Many more bug fixes with performance improvements

All about GB Instagram Mod APK

We are humans and according to science humans are the most social creature in this universe. So, we love to interact with other people using an app like Instagram. We all have families, relatives, friends, colleagues etc and in this big world, it’s always not possible to sit with them and interact with them face to face.

We live in the era of a digital world. Here, everything becomes digital, and technology gives us a new way to socially interact with people. One such example is Instagram where you see other people, interact with them socially and much more. But sometimes Instagram also lacks some features that peoples need. So, there is an app called GB Instagram that provides you more than the Official Instagram app. So, today I will tell you about GBInstagram.

Another Insta modified app has arrived. It is InstaULTRA app, which can be the best alternative after GBMods.

GBInsta vs Official Instagram app

You have all heard about the most popular social platform app called Instagram. Many of us use this app to interact with peoples, see other people’s posted pictures and videos on social media. But sometimes it’s a bit frustrating when you want to download someone’s posted pictures or videos on Instagram because of its privacy issue. But today I’m going to show you the best app GB Instagram from which you can download pictures, videos and etc. So, in simple words, GBInstagram is a moded version of the Official Instagram that allows users to download other people’s posted pictures and videos. Instagram Plus app has also got similar features.

If you go to the play store then you will notice there are many third-party apps. Those give you the functionality to download pictures and videos from Instagram. But if you don’t trust third party apps then you can download an Instagram mod apk. Either GB Instagram or Instagram Plus for downloading posts/images.

The mod apk have some unique features that aren’t available in the Official version of Instagram. But wait for a second not only you download posts from Insta you can also get some customization options in GB Instagram. So if you really love Instagram then this app is for you.

Best features of GBInstagram APK

  • App Customization: How good it will be if you customize your Instagram right. Well with the help of GB Instagram you can do your customization and get rid of the boring look.
  • Copy bio: So you like someone’s bio on insta and you try to copy it? but after a hard try, you fail. Well, GBInsta covers you. Using this mod app, you can copy anyone’s insta bio and make your own how cool right?
  • Copy comments: Sometime you may feel that the comment is awesome by looking at your friend’s comments. In that case, GB Insta gives you the ability to copying their comments and use them later.

gbinstagram download

  • Play audio with Video automatically: The most annoying thing with Insta is whenever you click on a video it will play the video on mute mode you have to click once more to get the sound but with GB Instagram you don’t have to worry about that, cause it will play videos with sound every time you play a video.
  • Dual Instagram: Yep you heard it right like how you use GB WhatsApp along with the normal WhatsApp you can also use GB Instagram along with Instagram. Because this will have a different package name.
  • Themes: So you are a customization freak huh. Well if you are then very commonly you are tired of the Official one. And you need something that will give you the ability to customize the app. GB mods themes give you the ability to customize your Instagram and make it the way you like it. you will get a ton of themes to chose and experiment with. So, go and do this Instagram mod app download now.
  • Download Videos and Images: You read it right. the best and the popular features of GBInstagram is this one, let’s say that you are scrolling through your Instagram and suddenly your eyes stuck on a post and you download that immediately but you shouldn’t able to do it cause you are using the official version of Instagram, so sad. But if you are using the GB Instagram then the download will one click away from you. The same feature is also available in InstaUltra mod apk.

gb instagram features

  • Comment Translation: So you are a cool person and you are also a famous one on Instagram. You have a worldwide following, and that means you get a lot of comments outside your know language. So what you gonna do now, well you stuck whole time to translate those comments. Well GBInsta+ got your back now With GbInstagram you get inbuild translator that lets you translate those comments in a few seconds.
  • Zoom profile Pictures: So you scrolling through your Insta and you find something unexpected in a profile picture and you are curious to see what’s in it but as you know the Official version of Instagram don’t let you do that so what you do now, just download the GB Insta apk and now you just have to go to the Instagram account and open it up and click on the profile picture and now you can zoom into the profile picture and see what’s in it.
  • No Required Root Access: you wondering whole time thinking about that does it need root access, if it needs then you have to root your device and many more things right. Well here is good news for you is you don’t need to do anything in order to access the GBInstagram. Just download it and you are good to go like your official Instagram app.
  • Updates: If you are worried about updates then let me tell you that you will get updates on this as soon as you get an update on the Official one. Not only that when you get an update it also get some new features on this one.
  • Notification Count: With GB Instagram you will also get a notification count feature that will help you to get an idea of how many pending notifications you have.

How to Download GB Instagram Latest Version for Android

  • Click Here to download the GB Instagram 5.9 APK instantly.
  • After the apk download is complete, install it. Do it normally on your Android device.
  • Sign in and enjoy all the GB Insta latest cool features.

GBInsta APK Version Information

App NameGB Instagram APK
Last UpdatedAugust 6, 2023
Android Version Requires5.0+
Total Downloads8,000,000+
App Size56.08 MB


I hope that you feel pumped about downloading the GB Instagram on your smartphone. The reason is its unlocked potential. It is a trending app nowadays. Most of the users who love Instagram downloaded this app. If you are not one of them, then quickly download this app and enjoy its great features. Thanks for visiting.

Visit once again for the latest update on GB Instagram MOD APK. We will update it soon.


  1. I want to request on the next mod update, i want the private account viewer without following,, hope this feature added on the next update!!! Thanks 🙂

  2. Is there any third party app for insta were i can hide my last seen like whats app plus or gbwhats app…
    I want to hide last seen n been using bt noone shud b know tat i em still online dey shud b shown like last seen wo some hours ago what we gen in whats app plus…
    Plz let me knw if there is any typ of app

    1. Don’t know about any third party app doing that. But, the Official Instagram app has this feature which does hide “Activity Status”.

    1. It’s not available currently. But, yes, That’s could be a game-changing feature for this Instagram mod app users.

  3. omg thank you for this haha i though oginsta is the only one app that has mods but just found this app and its amazing. i just found your page by searching for ogyoutube update apk

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