GBWhatsApp Anti Ban Latest Version v8.00 APK 2019 [Update]

Hello guys. Here, we have brought the latest version of your favorite GB Whatsapp. Now download GB WhatsApp latest version APK v8.00 to enjoy new features and tricks. Upgrade to the latest version for a greater experience.

The main reason behind using GB WhatsApp is the extra features it has that is lacking in Official WhatsApp. Apart from that, people also love trying new mod apk versions of apps to explore its capability. So, let’s download GBWhatsApp Anti Ban new version 8.00 now.

Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version

Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version

GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version (Info)

App NameGBWhatsapp
Last UpdatedSeptember 16, 2019
Android Version Requires4.0+
Total Downloads8,000,000+
App Size28.10 MB
DeveloperFouadMods, GB Mods (Omar)

   Download Now (GBWhatsApp)

What’s new in GBWhatsApp 8.00 APK:

  • Note: GBWA is now based on Fouad WhatsApp.
  • If your number is blocked before, you need to back up the conversations. Then, uninstall and reinstall GBWA.
  • New: Anti-Ban.
  • Reply Privately from Group (Select any Message in group >> Options >> Reply Privately).
  • Exclusive: Now call participants in Groups.
  • New WhatsApp Base Update to 2.19.17.
  • Fixed crash when searching in Themes.
  • New: Add Stickers from Play Store apps.
  • Sort sent messages by Newest or Oldest.
  • Added: Confirmation dialog for calling in Group Chat.
  • Pin Chats increased from 25 to 30.
  • Fixed problem in App Language Change in Android Pie and Oreo devices.
  • Forces close while selecting more than 2 contacts in Message Scheduler/ Auto Reply also fixed.
  • GBWA Enabled: Group Calls, Swipe to Reply.
  • Option for Revoked Message Notification duration.
  • No Need of Separate App for GBThemes.
  • Fixed many bugs from Older GBWhatsApp version.
  • Other reforms and bug fixes for the app.


Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version (Installation Tutorial)

Here is a guide for downloading and installing the GBWhatsApp Mod safely in Any Android smartphone.

   Download (GBWhatsApp)

  • First, go to your Android mobile Settings > Security > tick on Unknown Sources.

gb whatsapp 6.50 unknown sources

  • Click here to visit the download page of GB WhatsApp 7.00 APK.
  • Download and install it on your Android device normally.
  • Now open GB Whatsapp, Enter Mobile Number > Verify by OTP.
  • Yoohoo! You are all set to enjoy cool features of GB Whatsapp latest version.


How to update GB WhatsApp to latest version

As we all know the update is not a big thing to do. However, people still search for how to update Gb WhatsApp. Well, you need to get the latest version of GB WhatsApp from the download section. After downloading the file tap on install and it will replace the old version with the new version of the app. So now you have the latest version of the GB WhatsApp.


GBWhatsApp 2019 MOD APK for Android

If you have not heard about GB Whatsapp before, then here we clear about it to you. GB Whatsapp is an app to help you to create and run two WhatsApp account in one Android device. It can be installed and run on both non-rooted and rooted Android devices without any problem. It also comes with cool features which you will not get in your default Whatsapp. The GB-Whatsapp is much better than the WhatsApp Plus and OG WhatsApp. It is similar to YoWhatsApp MOD app. So, download and install the new version of GBWhatsapp from below. Also, check out the best cool features of GB Whatsapp which we have mentioned below.

Sharing stuff related to knowledge, memorable moments of life on social media is a new trend now. Be it gaining potential customers for business through campaigns or creating brand awareness, and big companies find social media as a great platform. Billions of people are active on social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. daily. These apps are master of their own fields. However, if we talk about messaging apps, no one can beat WhatsApp. It attracts people with its cool features and free to use the app.

We love WhatsApp not only because it’s free but also we can enjoy ad-free messaging. Ads sometimes too annoying while using any app. After few days fo its first release WhatsApp came with calling feature that helped in free calling using internet data. However, after all these features people wanted more freedom and customization for the app. As default WhatsApp couldn’t provide it, an Android developer Omar created this GB WhatsApp, a mod version of WhatsApp having new cool features along with all the default features.

As we already mentioned before using dual WhatsApp with GB Whatsapp is super easy, if you have 2 numbers. However, if you want to use GB WhatsApp as your only WhatsApp then just delete the default WhatsApp. Wait before deleting it, make sure to back up your chat so that you won’t lose your old chat history. You might ask why I will use GB WhatsApp? Because you will love GB WhatsApp as it gives you full freedom to customize WhatsApp according to your wish, fresh UI and many more. We have mentioned all the highlighted features in details feature section. Don’t forget to check it.


Messaging and Group Limits in Latest GBWhatsApp

Are you a WhatsApp, group admin? If your answer is yes, then GB WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp mod for you. Let me tell you why. With default WhatsApp literally, you don’t have much control over what people post on your group. But when you start using GB WhatsApp, available features for the group will amaze you for sure. You can have WhatsApp group name with 35 characters long. Control over who can post on groups. Restrict some contacts or all posting in groups and can also do settings that will only allow you to post in groups. While messaging on the group, you can mention someone’s name with the message.

Tell me, what your thought of having a broadcasting list of 600 is. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, you can have a list of 600 instead of default 256 for the broadcasting list with GB WhatsApp. Fouad Mokdad’s new FM WhatsApp mod also supports this feature. You can download that too. That helps you send a single message to all 600 members at once. One broadcasting list in GB WhatsApp is similar to 2.5 number of lists in default WhatsApp. Overall it takes the broadcasting feature to a whole new level.

Apart from broadcasting with the recent auto-reply feature addition, now we can reply to messages even if we are offline. Set autoreply for contacts, groups or both with many other cool settings.

Nowadays everyone is concerned about their privacy and data security. While we send a message to some in WhatsApp first, it shows a single grey tick. Then it changes to grey double tick when the receiver receives the message. Finally, it turns to blue double tick that means receiver read your message. However, for some reason, we don’t want to let the sender know that we have seen the message. But, we don’t have any feature for it in default WhatsApp. However, with GB WhatsApp we have dedicated privacy settings for the double tick. We have control over ticks that it will stop showing blue tick even after we see any message. Along with this, there is more customization available for ticks that can change the look of it.


Best Features of GB WhatsApp

This GBWhatsApp mod apk has got all WhatsApp features with some advance extra features. Hence, I’m only listing the extra cool features here. So, check these out.

  • Hide Last Seen without any problem in one click.
  • Send a broadcast message to 600 people instead of 250.
  • Preview of photos and videos without any loading.
  • Privacy tricks like Hiding second blue tick.
  • No copy of date and name while copying multiple messages.
  • Send a video of size 50MB instead of 16MB.
  • Send 90 images (photos) at once instead of 10.
  • Copy friends status in one click.
  • Change app icon and notification icon from settings.
  • Update status up to 250 characters instead of 139.
  • And many more features, Try and use it to find.
  • Sorry, Not available for Apple iPhones ( iOS devices ).


Steps to move from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp without losing any Data

Do you ever consider moving to GB WhatsApp from WhatsApp? If yes then this section is for you. If you had tried to move to GB Whatsapp before and canceled it in last minute because you are afraid of losing data. Then don’t worry this guide will cover that. Please go through below steps, and you will move your old chats without any issue.

>> Before starting lets open the default WhatsApp and in Settings > Chats section, take backup of all the chats.

>> I assume that you already have the GB WhatsApp with you and proceed to next step.

>> Install Gb WhatsApp then open it and tap on “Agree and Continue.”

>> On the bottom of next screen you will have an option “Copy WhatsApp Data.” tap on this option to restore the old data to GB WhatsApp.

>> Now provide with the mobile number, and it will ask you to verify the number.

>> Next verify the number with OTP message received on your number.

>> Now you can start using GB WhatsApp with all you old chats.

>> You can uninstall the default WhatsApp now.

>> Congratulations! You now have successfully moved to GB WhatsApp without losing any data.


Download old versions of GB WhatsApp Plus


Questions regarding GBWhatsApp Apk

We can see that every GB WhatsApp fan here has some doubts in mind about their favourite WhatsApp MOD. So, here we are here with the answers to the FAQs about GBWhatsApp apk. These are questions and answers for you. So, check these now.

1. Is it safe to run GBWhatsApp on my phone?
Yes, there is no harm as this is only a MOD. So, don’t worry. Download GBWA now.

2. Is it really better than the official WhatsApp?
Once using it, there will be the answer. The additional freemium features over original app make it better than official WhatsApp.

3. Can I get GBWhatsApp on my iPhone or iPad?
Sorry. Currently, GBWhatsApp is not available for Apple iPhone or any other iOS devices.

4. Is it possible to run 3 WhatsApp account with GBMods?
Yes, it is. It is very simple as you need to use AZ WhatsApp MOD along with GBWhatsApp and original WhatsApp.

5. What are the differences between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?
The name is the only difference (kidding). Otherwise, the features in both GBWA and WhatsApp Plus are the same.

6. Do I need to uninstall original WhatsApp first to use GbWhatsApp?
No need to do that. You can use it with the original one too.

7. Can I lock conversations using passwords in GBWhatsApp?
YES! It’s super easy to lock chats/ conversations using passwords within GBWhatsApp.

8. Is there any chance of getting the ban of WhatsApp account?
Don’t worry. GBWhatsApp has got the anti-ban feature. Anti BAN works 99.9% of the time.


So, guys, it was a simple guide for installing the latest version of GB Whatsapp on Android devices. You are also able to run 2nd WhatsApp account with exciting features and tricks. Stay tuned for more of these types. Please do comment below to ask anything regarding GBWA apk. We will reply to you asap.

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