TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa 8.71 APK Download (Latest Version 2024 Update)


The world of WA mod Apks has grown at a breakneck pace in the last few years. A vast range of apps has emerged in the previous few years, making it easier for users to enjoy an extensive range of premium features from the basic ones. TMWhatsApp is one of the leading mod apk of WhatsApp that offers users extraordinary features and absolute control over it.

The guide will give you complete information about TM WhatsApp by Titus Mukisa in detail.

What is TM WhatsApp APK?

TMWhatsApp is the finest modded version of WhatsApp, offering a broader range of premium features than the stock WhatsApp. A third-party developer provides the platform and assures users to have beset user experience with the audience effortlessly. The mod app offers users the facility of downloading WhatsApp status just by making one click.

TM WhatsApp APK Download

You don’t need to ask others now to send their WhatsApp status. You can easily download your preferred one within 36 hours. The platform also offers users the facility of hiding seen or message-delivered blue ticks. Privacy settings, safe access, and much more are there, making it the best mod apk file to opt on.

Features of TMWhatsapp by Titus Mukisa

  • TMWhatsApp 2024 comes up with an anti-ban feature that makes it convenient for the users to enjoy the extreme user experience over it.
  • The platform includes an inbuilt VPN to make you safe.
  • Users here are free to change the app’s background with any image.
  • TMWhatsApp Mod v8.71 apk allows users to conveniently change the header’s color, status bar, etc.
  • Facility to change your choice of font style.
  • Users here can share the forwarded images with more than five contacts simultaneously.
  • It offers absolute control over the settings in privacy options.
  • It offers users the facility of replying to messages automatically.
  • The platform is designed to be compatible with most Android devices.
  • One can easily opt for the do not disturb mode to disconnect the internet access conveniently.
  • Users here can keep their chats secure by setting a password, pattern, or pin.
  • It allows users to set up the video status for about five minutes. And, for the text, you can set the status to 250 characters in length.
  • TMWhatsApp offers users a wide range of unique animation effects they can apply to their home screen, info, chat screen, and lock.
  • Users here are free to display Instagram-style stories effortlessly.

TMWA App Info

App NameTM WhatsApp
Last UpdatedMarch 28, 2024
Android Version Requires5.0+
Total Downloads3,350,000+
DeveloperTitus Mukisa

How to install the new TMWhatsApp 8.71 APK

  1. Backup your old chats

    Go to your mobile’s Internal Storage >> Android.
    Rename the “Android” folder to “Android1”.
    Rename the “TMWhatsApp” folder to “TMWhatsApp1”.

  2. Uninstall old TMWhatsApp

    Find and uninstall TMWhatsApp in your mobile.
    Don’t worry, your backup will not be deleted during this process.

  3. Restore your old chats

    Rename the previous folders back to their original names i.e. Android1 to Android and TMWhatsApp1 to TMWhatsApp.
    This step will make the folders ready for the restoration process.
    Note: The renamed folders should be in the appropriate location (Internal Storage >> Android).

  4. Install the new TMWhatsApp 8.71

    Download the latest version file of TMWhatsApp APK.
    Install the new TMWhatsApp on your device.

  5. Automatic chat backup detection and restoration

    Once the new TMWhatsApp is installed, open it.
    It will automatically detect and restore your old chats.
    This process will fix any old bugs in the previous TMWA version.

For new TM WhatsApp users:

  • If you are a new user, simply download and install the new TMWhatsApp APK directly.
  • You won’t need to go through the above backup and restoration steps.


TMWhatsApp is an excellent option for those currently looking to enjoy extra control over basic WhatsApp.

It is a feature-loaded application that is safe and easy to use. So, download the latest version apk by Titus Mukisa now.

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