How to Download + Change WhatsApp Themes and Colors


Hello friends! It seems everyone is bored now with default WhatsApp green theme. With every new update, WhatsApp gets some exciting and new features. However, the thing didn’t change the look of it, that old green theme. So its time now to find a way to Change WhatsApp Theme which comes by default. So, keep reading this post I will explain in details and step by step guide for how to do it.

Change WhatsApp Themes

How to Change WhatsApp Themes

As an Android user, we all must have come across many customizations available to us throughout the apps. Be it changing the wallpaper, customise icons, customise UI or maybe changing the whole Android ROM. So, we all love it to have some changes to the UI or the colors. It makes us feel good. However, on the other hand, it’s not easy to change the default green color theme of Whatsapp. But the official WhatsApp version doesn’t have any feature for it yet. But, WhatsApp Mods help in changing WhatsApp Theme easily.

We use many social media apps today for communication and sharing thought with our near and dear ones. Moreover, WhatsApp is the most installed Android app as the messenger app in the world with 1 billion plus downloads. With the growing popularity people always demand more features over the time. However, the official WhatsApp still fails to fulfill it. So does the popularity of the mod version of WhatsApp grows. This is the main reason people won’t be able to change the Default WhatsApp Theme easily.

Along with all the customization people also like to connect with different persons through WhatsApp group feature. But to join some groups first, we need to have a group invite link. To ease your task, we have already prepared a simple guide for it that you can check for group links. Check WhatsApp group invite links 2018 for the latest and categorized group links.


Change Themes and Colors with WhatsApp Mods

As of now, there is a lot of modded version of WhatsApp available on the market. These include WhatsApp Plus, GB Whatsapp, FM WhatsApp, AZ Whatsapp and many more. These modded versions come with many advanced features along with default features. For our purpose of Change the default Whatsapp Theme we will do it with YO Whatsapp. You will be amazed by all the functionality it has after using it. Also, it’s pretty easy to change WhatsApp theme in it. So, please read below guide to get it done quickly.


Steps to Change Theme in Whatsapp

1. First, we need to take backup of out chat history as we are going to use Yo WhatsApp.

2. Now after taking the backup, uninstall the official WhatsApp.

3. It is time to download YoWhatsApp to your mobile from below link. Click on download to start downloading.

4. After the download is complete, open the apk file in the download folder and install it to your phone.

5. Now open the app and give your mobile number and verify with OTP.

6. Next screen will show you to restore your chat history, tap on restore.

7. Now while on main screen tap on the three-dot menu options on the top right corner of the app.

8. Here it will show YoSettings >> Then go to download YoThemes.

9. Next screen will show a list of available themes. You will find many cool themes here. Now tap on install button for any theme you like.

10. Now it will download the theme and apply it instantly.

11. After everything is done, its time to restart the app and check the newly installed theme.


Now enjoy the new WhatsApp look with all the advanced features of YoWhatsApp. You can always change to a different theme in the same way when you want to change it later. YoTheme store adds new themes over the time. So check it in a while to get all the latest updates. If you want to create a group and searching for a cool group name, then check our guide for cool WhatsApp group name for some suggestions.

Hope you like this guide for how to Change Whatsapp Theme. Do share with your friends and let them know so they can also change their WhatsApp theme.

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