8 Best WhatsApp Mods in 2018 You Should Download (Updated)

Hello friends. Searching for a WhatsApp mod?

Here we are with the latest download links and details of the best WhatsApp mod apks of 2018. These can definitely help for dual WhatsApp and enjoying extra premium features. So, keep reading.

WhatsApp Mods download

Top WhatsApp Mods in 2018

Who are the Best WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsApp modded APKs: We live in the 21st century where everything is mostly digital. We are so busy with to our works that we don’t spend time with our friends, families, and near ones, and we forget that we are social animals we don’t live if we don’t spend time on knowing people, interact with them. Even science has also proven that we are the most social animals in the world. But technology has given us the ability to interact with peoples via social media. Where we see them, talk to them, and interact with new peoples. Whatsapp is one of them, That was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009.

Every one uses WhatsApp these days and became the social ninjas. But as we know that variety is the taste of life. Maybe you are bored with the look and feel of the official WhatsApp app. That’s why you’re looking for something new or you feel that WhatsApp didn’t deliver some features and you seriously need some new useful features. So, today I will tell you about the top 8 WhatsApp mods that are popular on the internet right now. This 2018 top WA mods list includes GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp and more. These also help in running two WhatsApp applications in one mobile easily. Similar to them, Instagram Plus apk helps for dual Instagram with photo download feature.

Let’s discuss these mod apks one by one.


1. GBWhatsApp:

If you use social media then I think you heard about Whatsapp, the popular messaging app. If you use it a lot then you know that it lacks some feature and customization. GB WhatsApp is similar to WhatsApp but comes with some extra features that will help you achieve you desired whats app.

gbwhatsapp apk

   Download Now (GBWhatsApp)

Features of GB WhatsApp:

There are many features in GB WhatsApp. That provides the good user experience. Here are some features of the GB WhatsApp.

  • copy status to clipboard- The GBWhatsApp allows you to download status of other peoples as well as copy them to the clipboard.
  • Auto reply- Suppose think that you are busy in a work and someone constantly messages you but unfortunately your both hands are buys on the work at that time GB WhatsApp auto-reply feature helps you to send them messages like that ”you are busy on a work”.
  • DND mode- So you are doing a serious thing and you don’t want any disturbance while doing the work. At that time you will simply put your GBWA into DND mode and Ready to go. DND mode disables the internet access of your GBWhatsApp.
  • Live location sharing- You can share your location by using the live location sharing option on the GB WhatsApp.
  • Documents limitation- So you Share a lot of documents every day and you are frustrated by the limitation of your official WhatsApp and want something that will give you the fluency. Well with GB WhatsApp you can share 100 documents in a single time.
  • Message Scheduler- If are a busy person and forget to send important messages on time then you are in trouble. If I tell you that from now you don’t have to worry about messages yes you heard it right you can now schedule messages from your GB WhatsApp and enjoy.
  • Status Characters- So you are that kind of person who loves to share a lot of statuses and sometimes express your feelings by writing status. But you are incapable of doing this because of the limitation of your status characters on the official WhatsApp, but now you can expand it up to 225 characters by using GBWA.
  • Lock option- You are conscious of your privacy. and you think that if anyone touches your phone and open WhatsApp then it will lead you some trouble. For that, you always install an app locker to lock your WhatsApp, but you don’t want any third party app for that well you can use GB WhatsApp it will give you the inbuilt App lock for your WhatsApp.
  • Payment option available- Now the help of the payment option you can easily send money to your WhatsApp contacts via UPI.
  • Create Themes- If you are a theme creator and want to make a theme for the GBWhatsApp you can do that and submit.


2. FMWhatsApp:

FM WhatsApp is also similar to official WhatsApp. But, it comes with many more extra bunch of features.

Best FMWhatsApp Mods

   Download Now (FMWhatsApp)

Features of FM WhatsApp:

  • Multiple Themes- You can use multiple themes on the latest FM WhatsApp.
  • One touch voice message- Now with the help of this super new feature you can easily send voice messages to anyone just by simply touch the voice icon.
  • Ban Proof- This version of WhatsApp is totally banned proof. so you don’t have to worry about any kind of ban.
  • video limit- With this FM WhatsApp you can send a huge amount of video file without worrying about the size. You can send up to a 1 GB file via FM WhatsApp instead of 32 MB.


3. YoWhatsApp:

Yo WhatsApp is also similar to the official WhatsApp with extra interesting features in it. For me, it is best WhatsApp mod after GBWA.

YoWhatsApp apk download

   Download Now (YoWhatsApp)
Features of Yo WhatsApp:

  • New Icon- Yo WhatsApp gives you new icons that will change the look of the WhatsApp.
  • Added Fonts- If you’re frustrated with the default WhatsApp fonts then you will enjoy YOWA’s cool fonts. Now you can changes fonts by using YoWhatsApp Settings.
  • Bug Fixes- This mod also improves its smoothness and fixes various bugs.


4. WhatsApp Plus:

The WhatsApp Plus is a modded version of WhatsApp that will give you some useful features to make your WhatsApp experience much better.

Best WhatsApp Plus MOD

   Download Now (WhatsApp Plus)
Features of WhatsApp Plus:

  • Revoked message notification- Now you get notifications for which message was revoked.
  • Group Description- You always want to add some rules in your WhatsApp group but you cant do that but using via WhatsApp Plus you can add group description to your group.
  • Status Video limit- So you love to post status and videos on WhatsApp. But the official version of WhatsApp didn’t give you the ability to post video status more than 30 seconds. Well if you are a WhatsApp Plus user then, it’s not the case with you. You can post video status more than 30 seconds.
  • Play video option- So you always try hard to play a video on WhatsApp by using another video player. but every time you are unsuccessful because of the fact that the official version of WhatsApp doesn’t give you the freedom to play videos by other video players. But if you using WhatsApp Plus then you can play videos from any video players you want.
  • Revoke Multiple Messages- Now by using the latest WA Plus, you can have the power to revoke multiple messages at once.
  • High-Quality Images- So if you are an official WhatsApp user then you know that if you send any high-quality image via WhatsApp, then WhatsApp will decrease the quality of the image. But if you are using WhatsApp Plus then you will send high-quality images by default.
  • Share Themes- If you love themes and you want to let know and share your themes with your friends then you will do that by using WAPlus.
  • Filter Messages- Suppose you check your conversation with your girlfriend or any dear one and you want to find some specific messages but for that, you have to scroll down if you are an official WhatsApp user. But if you are a WhatsApp Plus user you don’t have to do that, by simply tapping on the icon call filter you will filter other messages.


Join this Quora thread for more information about WhatsApp Plus mod application.


5. Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad Mokdad has developed this all-new Fouad WhatsApp. This mode is same as the FMWA. Try it awesome features by downloading it from below link.

Best Fouad WhatsApp

   Download Now (Fouad WhatsApp)
Features of FouadWA:

  • Change app launcher icon and tick styles (many available)
  • Use cool filters when sending an Image or Video
  • Many font styles with font preview


6. OGWhatsApp:

OGWhatsApp is a similar version for WhatsApp Plus with many new features included. With OG WhatsApp you can use two WhatsApp at the same time on your device. The OGWhatsApp is created by a Spanish developer Rafalete in 2012.

Best WhatsApp Mod is OGWhatsApp

   Download Now (OGWhatsApp)

Features of OG WhatsApp:

  • New emojis- If you love to use emojis on WhatsApp and you don’t like the original WhatsApp emojis then here is a good news for you now you have access to new emojis on OG WhatsApp. But unfortunately, there is something bad the emojis you send from your OGWA can only be seen by other OG WhatsApp users. If you send an unofficial emoji to the official WhatsApp user then its look like a question(?) mark.
  • Group name limitation- If you are that kind of person who likes to make groups with friends, families or colleagues then you are happy to hear that OG WhatsApp supports up to 35 characters for group names. now you name your favorite without worrying about character limits.
  • Appearance and settings editing- Well I guess that you are tired of the boring look of official WhatsApp and now you think that how good it should be if you edit your WhatsApp appearance and settings well here is a good news for you now you customize the entire look and feel of your WhatsApp using OG WhatsApp. Now with the help of OG WhatsApp can edit the followings.

a) Header, colors and size of chat images.
b) Header and size of contacts’ image.
c)Appearance and size of pop-up notifications.
d) Disabling of functions (voice notes, animations).
e) Size and colors of widgets.
f) The color of the launcher icon.

  • Using both WhatsApp at the same time- Today we all have a primary and a secondary phone number for official and personal usages right, if that’s the case with you then at some point you also feel that how better it will be if you have two WhatsApp on your device. If I tell you that you can do that. You can use original WhatsApp along With OG WhatsApp on the same device.


7. WA Tweaker

This APK is different from other WhatsApp mods. Yes, WA Tweaker is a tool that we can use to tweak the original WhatsApp. No need to use your number in another Modded app.

WA Tweaker mod

   Download Now (WA Tweaker)
Best Features of WA Tweaker:

  • Add additional or hidden features to original WhatsApp
  • Anti-recall messages
  • Disable showing read receipts and delivery reports
  • Replace emoji sets from other cool collection sets
  • Chat with numbers that are not present in Address Book (non-contacts)


8. AZWhatsApp

Ali al-Zaabi has developed this AZ WhatsApp mod application. It has got some pro features more than WhatsApp+. It is similar to YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and other apks.


   Download Now (AZWhatsApp)
Cool Features of AZWA:

  • Schedule messages for any contact
  • Auto-reply to conversations
  • Many themes available in Theme Store
  • Group messages statistics and more


So, I think that this information will help to know the popular WhatsApp mods. You have got a perspective to chose one of these according to your preferences.

Let us know, which is the best WhatsApp mod according to you. Use the comment box below.

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