YoWhatsApp Latest Version v10.06 APK Download [Anti-Ban Update]


Are you searching for another WhatsApp MOD for dual WhatsApp? If yes, then we are here back with another APK. This is the YoWhatsApp for Android by Yousef Al Basha. The YOWA app is getting better and better day by day.

Now you can download Yo Whatsapp latest version APK for free. Enjoy the new refreshing features with no lag by downloading the YoWhatsapp v10.06 Apk MOD. Let’s discuss it in detail about it.

yowhatsapp 2023

Most of us use WhatsApp messenger every day. Let me ask you a simple question. What is the best messenger app for Android? The obvious answer is WhatsApp. We all love the app for its simplicity of UI and features. It comes with many features that are very helpful in the case of messaging. But many of us need some extra features over the standard ones. After seeing the demand, many developers made modified WhatsApp Apk files. One of the early comers was OGWhatsApp apk. WhatsApp blocked all its users’ accounts.

That is the news of those old days. But now, there are many Apk mods like GBWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and others.  All of them come with some premium extra features in their package. You can call YoWhatsApp one of them, but I love it over any other WhatsApp Mod apps out there. To find the reasons, please keep reading this post.

About YoWhatsApp MOD

I think you may don’t know Yo Whatsapp before. Because most of us now use WhatsApp Plus 2024 by GBMods. That is an app modified for extra features over the standard features of the official WhatsApp. The YoWhatsapp is no different. It also has got some super exciting features with zero lag. So, go and do YoWhatsApp Apk download latest version 10.06 now. Experience tons of excellent features with material design. Customization, styles, conversation lock, themes, and more features updates are available. And yes, Anti-BAN is now available.

Important Note: If you have been banned before, follow the below steps.

  1. Take “Chats Backup”.
  2. Uninstall/remove YoWhatsApp app.
  3. Install latest V10.06 and verify mobile number again.

YoWA APK Latest Version Info

App NameYoWhatsapp APK
Last UpdatedApril 20, 2024
Android Version Requires5.1 and above
Total Downloads10,300,000+
App Size76.11 MB
DeveloperYousef Al Basha

Changelog of features in YoWhatsApp 10.06 APK (Updated)

  • Fixed: All ban issue.
  • The anti-Ban update is now max and the strongest.
  • Fixed all major bugs of v10.05.
  • Expiry date is now extended.
  • New: View status from the contact info page.
  • Enabled: Send a document with a caption.
  • Added: Undo option for “delete for me” messages.
  • Enabled: View Contact Story from home (via DP).
  • New: Post Voice note as status/story.
  • Enabled: New Camera tab UI.
  • Added: Message yourself (save notes).
  • Enabled: Forward Media with Caption.
  • New: Preview any Image or Video without saving it to the phone.
  • Exclusive: Create Polls and Voting in Groups.
  • Enabled: Leave groups secretly without anyone knowing (only admins can see you left).
  • Group Admin can remove other people’s messages in group chats (only works when users on the new base).
  • Exclusive: “Save to Gallery” option is available when Media Visibility is off.
  • Added: “Clear Backup” option to delete all old backup data for more space saving. (FMMods >> Universal >> Backup And Restore >> Clear).
  • Exclusive: Mass messenger added both from Groups and Chats!
  • New: Download option for View Once images and videos.
  • Base Update: WA Official version.
  • Fixed: Full backup and Calls not working on Android 11+.
  • Re-Added: Option to increase forward limit to 250 (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK).
  • New: WhatsApp Fingerprint UI.
  • APK size of YOWA is now only 33 MB.
  • New: Support to download themes with home wallpaper from YoThemes Store.
  • 2nd package: com.yowhatsapp2 MOD APK for running 3rd YoWA number.

Download YoWhatsApp Latest Version Apk Files

Here is the download link of YoWhatsapp latest version apk. So, download it by clicking on the below button. It will take you to YoWA download page.

Download YoWhatsApp Apk
Download YoWhatsApp Apk
   YoWhatsApp 10.06 (Download Now)

With Emoji Changer/Variants: Download
Without Emoji Changer/Variants: Download
YoWhatsApp2 (Emoji Changer/Variants: Download
YoWA2 (Without Emoji Changer/Variants): Download
Coming Soon: YoWA v10.07 (Very Cool 2024 Update)

Download older versions of Yo WhatsApp Apk:

Here in this section, find most of the popular versions of YoWhatsapp. These are old APK releases but is popular. Because of users’ demand, we always try to keep the popular MODs download links here. So, try downloading any YoWA older version if you need.

YoWhatsApp iOS Theme Edition

Many people love iOS-style WhatsApp. So, here is the YoWA iOS Theme Edition by StefanoYG. Yes, it is MB WhatsApp iOS APK 2024 version.

Latest version is v9.66. So, download it.

Benefits: Exclusive Drawer clean design, iOS Style UI with many iOS 15 and 16 Themes. So, download it now.

How to Download YoWhatsApp v10.06 Apk and Install on Android?

Before starting with installation, first of all, you need to get the YoWhatsApp apk file from the download link provided below.

  • Use the above links to download the latest YoWhatsApp MOD v10.06 APK for free.
  • Optional download links: Without Emoji Changer / Variants | With All Features.
  • Make sure on Install from “Unknown Sources” Settings is turned on. To turn it on, go to Settings in your Android Mobile > Privacy / Security > switch on the Unknown Sources.
unknown sources installation
  • After the download is complete, go to the file manager and open the apk file.
  • Now tap on install button to start installing the app.
  • After installation is complete, open YoWhatsApp. Tap on “Agree and Continue” on this screen.
  • Now enter your mobile number and confirm, then click on ok to receive OTP.
  • Like WhatsApp, it will automatically verify OTP code received on the message. Now start using YoWhatsApp and explore all of its features.

How to update YoWhatsApp to the latest version

Many users have complained about losing Chats data while updating YoWhatsApp. That is real. Because if you don’t update in the right way, Chats will be removed.

Update for YoWA mod doesn’t come in the Google Play store. So, the steps to update to a new version are different from other apps.

Please follow the below procedure (step by step) carefully to update Yo WhatsApp mod app easily without losing any data or chats.

Step 1: First, open YoWhatsApp, Tap on menu icon and go to “YoMods”.

Now, tap on “Other Mods”. Some settings will be there.

Step 2: You just need to tap “Backup WhatsApp data” (5.0.6). That’s it. YoWA backup will be successful within seconds (depending on backup size).

backup yowhatsapp data

Step 3: Now, uninstall YOWhatsApp directly from the app drawer or app manager.

Step 4: Come to Yo WhatsApp download page on HackTricks. Download the latest version YOWA apk file. Then, install it.

Step 5: Open the app, now tap on “RESTORE” (red button – very important).

restore yowhatsapp data

Depending on the backup size, your chat backup is restored within seconds.

That’s all. Hope we have solved your query regarding updating YoWA without losing any Chat history.

Enjoy new features of the latest update.

Watch YoWhatsApp New Features Video

Best features of YoWhatsApp 2024

I have described all the features in detail below. Please check them all before installing Yo WhatsApp. This will give you an overall idea about the capability of YoWhatsApp. These exclusive features you find on YoWhatsApp are not available on official WhatsApp.

  • Call Blocking: This is one of the essential features of YoWhatsApp. Often, we get irritated when we receive a call from an unknown number. With the help of the advanced call-blocking feature, you can block unwanted calls in many ways. It has the option of allowing everyone, only your contacts, choose specific contacts from the contact list, exclude people from your contact list or block call for everyone. This setting is so flexible when it comes to Call blocking.
  • Themes Store: YoWhatsApp comes with an inbuilt theme store. Here you will find many cool themes. Using these themes, you can change the look of YoWhatsApp. Customize the layout of WhatsApp. So now get over that dull green colour old look of WhatsApp. Enjoy a fresh look every day with different themes and colors.
yowhatsapp themes
  • Message anyone: Yes, you heard it right. Now you can message any number using YoWhatsApp. You do not need to save the number to your contact list before sending the message on WhatsApp. So, this comes in handy when you need to message someone quickly. Also, useful if you want to message someone just one time or don’t need his number later.

More features of Yo WhatsApp Official

  • Original Quality Image Sharing: While sharing photos on WhatsApp, eventually it loses its quality. WhatsApp compresses the image while it is received. However, with YoWhatsApp you can send the image with original quality. When your friend receives the image, it will be the same quality as you sent.
  • WhatsApp Lock: If you want to prevent others from sneaking into your private conversation, then this will be a great feature for you. You can lock the YOWA app with a pin, pattern or fingerprint. So that whenever someone tries to open it, it will ask for the password or pattern. This solves the issue without even using any third-party apps.
yowhatsapp update download
  • Send any file type: You can send almost all file types through YoWhatsApp. Be it ZIP, EXE, apk, jpg, png, psd, pdf or any other file you can send them all.
  • Privacy Settings: Hide your last online status using privacy settings. You can do more with it. Now hide second tick, blue tick, typing status and recording status as part of privacy options.
  • Prevent message deletion: With new WhatsApp update now, people can delete chats you already received. However, with YoWhatsApp settings you can prevent it. Even if they delete messages for both, you can still able to see the message.
  • Pin Conversations: Now pin your favourite conversation to the top. It helps to find important chats quickly. You can pin up to 1000 chats.
  • Tick style options
  • App launcher icon change (11 icons)
  • Send video files up to 700 MB
  • Change notification bar icon (22 icons)
  • Set your name on the main screen and much more

How to Move to YOWA without losing Chat History

This section will help you with moving entirely to YoWhatsApp from official WhatsApp without losing your old chats. Most of people often don’t want to move to YoWhatsApp, because they think they might lose all their old chats. However, you no longer need to worry about that from now. Because if you follow our guide, you restore your old chats with just a few taps. So, let’s check below, for all the steps that will help you with easy migration to YoWhatsApp.

  • First of all, open WhatsApp, and go to Settings> Chats > Chat Backup.
  • Tap on backup to back up your chats. This will back up your chats to google drive as well as on local storage.
  • After the backup is complete, install YoWhatsApp on your mobile.
  • Now open YoWhatsApp and tap on “Agree and Continue”.
  • On this screen before providing the mobile number, tap on “Copy WhatsApp Data”. This will restore all your old chats.
  • Now go ahead and provide your mobile number and verify with OTP.
  • After OTP verification is done, you can see all your old chats in YoWhatsApp.

So this procedure is super easy to migrate to YoWhatsApp without losing old chats.

FAQ about Yo WhatsApp Mod

Can I use YoWhatsApp as dual WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use YoWhatsApp with the official WhatsApp with no issue at all as dual WhatsApp. It is the best option when you want to use WhatsApp on a second number.

Do I need a rooted device to use YOWA?

No, you do not need to root your device. You can simply use this on any non-rooted Android mobile.

yowhatsapp apk faq

There are many mods available on the Internet. Is YOWA better than those?

Every mod comes with some features exclusive to them. Like any other WhatsApp mods, Yo WhatsApp Apk also comes with some exclusives that you can only find on it. So it makes it one of the best mods to date. However, you can try other WhatsApp mods and decide for yourself what feature you like in them.

Is it needed to uninstall Official WhatsApp before installing YoWhatsApp?

No, as I said before you can use it with WhatsApp without any issue.

Is YoWhatsApp APK Safe to use?

Yes, Yo WhatsApp is 99.99% safe to use. It is only a mod of official WhatsApp.

In fact, it comes with more advanced features than WhatsApp. You will find all the core functionality of WhatsApp present in it. The main thing about YoWhatsApp Mod is that it eliminates the restriction on many popular features like file size, text length and many more.

Most of the time people assume that it is not safe because of these features. However, I assure you YoWhatsApp is safe to use. So, download and use it without a second thought.

Ending Lines

So, this is an awesome version for enjoying dual WhatsApp. If you have a question that GBWhatsapp or YoWhatsApp, which is better? Then, my answer is that both are good. With the super features, the experience of running two Whatsapp accounts is more joyful. So, update to the most recent version. Enjoy all the features.

For any problem or feedback, leave a comment.


  1. I can’t install yowhatsapp latest version,
    I’m told the app conflicts with an existing package with the same name.
    I have un installed all the WhatsApp versions, but still I can’t install it.
    I have android Tecno Spark K7.
    What should I do?

    1. Do you already have installed YoWhatsapp on your phone? Just want to update to a newer version? Or moving from WhatsApp to YOWA?

  2. When I install any Whatsapp mod, I am receiving a messages that “You have been banned from Whatsapp as you are using pirated version. Your Whatsapp will start after …..”. Kindly suggest what to do to use Yowhatsapp services without banned.

    1. Only use one Whatsapp mod. If you like Yo WhatsApp, then only use that. Don’t change to any other mod every now and then.

  3. Since I updated Yowhatsapp. My phone keeps freezing screen. And randomly restarts,
    Do you got an advice?
    I already reseted my whole phone, reinstalled yowa with the titanium backup, but it keeps crashing :(.
    I got a note 4

  4. Switch on the direct massages Notifications…… For making n fast reply to the friends… In that this feature is not available… Please help.

  5. Hi ganesh, I am using yowa now. But I want to use official WhatsApp again, how can I move all chat from yowa to official WA?

    1. Hello Heru,

      Do chat backup from YoWA. After taking the backup, Go to your File manager app & find YoWhatsApp folder in internal storage. Rename it to ‘WhatsApp’.

      Then, go to your Internal Storage >> YoWhatsApp >> Media. You will see many folders with starting name ‘YoWhatsApp’. Replace all of those folders with ‘WhatsApp’. E.g. ‘YoWhatsApp Audio’ will be ‘WhatsApp Audio’.

      Then, uninstall YoWA, install the official WhatsApp and restore the chat back up. That’s it.

  6. Sorry but that Sticker thing isn´t working on my phone.
    I can downlaod and also send the stickers. But it got only 1 tick so it doesnt get sended. Also to my friends who use yowhatsapp too, they cant receive the stickers i send them :/.

    1. I can understand that. But the receiver of the sticker message should also be on the latest YoWhatsApp or WhatsApp. Then, it should work fine.

  7. hola sera que puedes volver a instalar el enlace de descarga de yo WhatsApp 7.60 ya que no se puede descargar por algún problema al cargar el enlace, se lo agradecería..
    Gracias buen día

    1. Hello, Hissela.
      Thanks a lot for reporting. There was a problem with that YOWA download link. Now, we have fixed and the download link is working fine now. Thank you again.

    1. Just download APK version 7.50 and install it. That’s the easiest way to update YoWA or FMWA.

  8. I have a problem with YoWhatsapp 7.50 .
    In Setting >Chat >Backup > Unable to access your account

    My account is synchronized too but this the the problem.
    What is the possible solution

    1. Its, Yo Mods “YoWhatsApp”. Update Fouad WhatsApp by downloading it from Fouad WhatsApp on our website.

    This is the feedback I get after downloading yowhatsapp V7.5 or V7.4. What’s going on please?

  10. Hi Ganesha.
    I am a yowhat’s app user now my phone has got damaged and I couldn’t take back up of any data however my Google account was linked so now if I install you what’s app on new phone, will I be able to have the previous chats on new to what’s app as the back up was done in drive daily. If yes tell me the method

    1. Yes @ Shikha. Actually, it will depend if ever you previously backup-ed your yowhatsapp..either in yo phone memory or memory card.

  11. Hey,
    Thank you for sharing this update. Do you have any idea how to rescue the chat history while updating? Is there any way to handle it? Because when I try to upgrade YW it’s all start over again. No backup nor chat history nor themes.

    1. Well i have updated it today and my chat History and everythink is still there.
      I had the same Problem as you a year ago. The problem was that i had the pictures ,audios ,
      chat history….. in a folder named yowhatsapp2 and when i updated it my whole yowhatsapp was on startsettings without any chathistory. Search on your phone if you got the same problem just search for the folder yowhatsapp2 3 or whatever the folder has to be named yowhatsapp without any letters or numbers in the name. Thats my experience. As i said before i normaly downloaded the new version of yowhatsapp in form of an apk from the original site today. I installed it and my yowhatsapp was as before with all my wallpapers chats and so on 😀
      Best wishes from germany

      1. Good day Chris,
        Thank you for your kind reply,

        At first of setup I saw a caution named “copy whatsapp data” then, I clicked on it. On the next step I saw another caution named “recover your data back (755MB)” and I clicked on it too. After install done, somehow I was recovered data back. Now my all chat history are still there. Thank you so much once again.

        Sincerely 🙂

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